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What messages men send to us through them

To us, ladies, it always makes us happy when they give us flowers. It is always a good time for them, whether there is a special occasion such as birthday, anniversary, name day, or just so. Even if they are served by a suitor who knows we will not give him a chance, even then we appreciate the sweet gesture.

For us, women offering bouquet is an expression of gratitude, respect, love, warm feelings. That is why we always shine with happiness when we are rewarded with it. Flowers, however, have their symbolism, and each means something. To know what men want and say in their bouquets, ladies, we offer you the meanings of the most often given.

The Rose

The Queen of Flowers is a symbol of love and admiration for the one to whom it is given. For younger ladies, lighter roses are appropriate. Dark-red screaming loudly “I love you!” Yellow is a sign of friendship, the pink of tenderness, the white of allegiance, sincerity, innocence, purity. If you fell in love immediately when you saw your maiden, do not hesitate to give her a purple rose – it is a symbol of love at first glance.

Image of rose

The Tulip

This gentle and beautiful flower is a symbol of true perfect love. Reds symbolize true love, purple – royal dignity and honor, yellow – hopeless love, through white it is good to ask for forgiveness, and with the colors you tell your beloved that has the most amazing eyes you have ever seen.

Image of Tulip


It is associated with love, luxury and luxury and fertility.

Image of Orchid


It symbolizes purity, youth, renewal, spring revival.

Image of Primroses


Its message is a true and true love, a reminder of the good times.

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